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Guided visit to the flour factory

Guided visit to the flour factory

The molino de Losacio is a reflection of the economic vitality of these rural areas in the past.

It is a living testimony of a traditional trade which, unfortunately, is being lost, hence the importance of promoting the sustainability of a valuable legacy.

With the creation of this space we seek, not only conserve and protect, as it has already done to date, but also disclose and promote our industrial heritage.

Our goal is to create a cultural space that revalue spread and put in relief in all its complexity this heritage covering both aspect material and tangible; architecture, machinery, tools... as intangible and conceptual aspects linked to the economic social and ethnographic culture; as techniques of work, ways of life, customs and traditions

Visiting hours:

Guests will enjoy the guided visit to the mill the day of departure at 11 in the morning

Guests who book lunch or dinner enjoy the guided visit to the 16.30 (lunch) and at 20.30 (dinner)

If you want to see the Museum and has not hired any of our services make appointment at the hotel and we will inform you schedule planned for the date of your interest.

The guided tour fee is € 3.50 per person (free for children under 6 years old).

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