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Natural path to the Northwest

Natural path to the Northwest
  • Alcañices:Emerges as a town fortified by the Knights Templar in the year 1210, but their walls only remains of four cubes, one of them known as the clock tower. It highlights the Franciscan convent and the Church of the 16th century.

From Alcañices on this route, there are two options:

Option 1: (cultural)

  • Bragança: Portuguese city of the region of Tras Os Montes. It highlights the Castle fortress, the Domus Municipalis, the Palace of the Dukes, the Church of Santa Maria and the Museum of masquerades.

Option 2: (natural)

  • Santa Cruz of the Cuerragos: Declared good of cultural interest as ethnological collection, highlights its popular architecture and its high ecological and natural value. Highly recommended route of "Hells"
  • Arrows: His term is the penalty look, the highest point of the Sierra de la Culebra (1243m)
  • Riomanzanas: Also considered as "the garden of ready"
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