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Northern route

Northern route

At the Molino de Losacio want to propose some routes that I hope are of your interest

Tábara: the Church was built on the old monastery of San Salvador (9th - 12th) famous for its Scriptorium. The most ancient codices preserved is the "Beatus of Tábara" (Archivo Nacional de Madrid; year 970).

Villardeciervos: declared joint historical artistic by the value of its popular architecture. Its artificial beach is ideal for a refreshing swim in summer.

Since Villardeciervos toward San Pedro de Las Herrerías, is the forest track of Linarejos; a viewpoint on the Sierra de la Culebra and one of the most recommended places for sightings of wolves and deer.

Puebla de Sanabria: known for its architecture in stone, wood and slate - its most representative monuments are the castle of the 15th century, the Church of Santa Maria and the Town Hall, dating from the times of the Catholic Kings.

Lago de Sanabria: is Spain's largest glacial Lake. It presents a landscape of great beauty and high environmental value.

San Martín de Castañeda: natural viewpoint over the Lake. Very interesting the Cistercian Monastery from the 12th century and the ethnographic museum.

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