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Route East

Route East
  • Tábara: the Church was built on the old monastery of San Salvador (9th - 12th) famous for its Scriptorium where copying large number of manuscripts, one of the codices preserved is "Beatus of Tábara" (national archives of Madrid, dated in the year 970) where you can see the image of the Tower similar to that today we can admire.
  • The Granja de Moreruela: The monastery of Santa Maria, a historic-artistic monument, is one of the first Cistercian monasteries on the peninsula. It has its maximum splendour in the XII and XIII centuries undergoing major modifications in the later centuries. It presents a diversity of architectural styles. We recommend visiting the center of interpretation of the Cistercian order.
  • Villafáfila: Nature reserve: Unparalleled space for bird watching. Highlights "The House of the Park" bird and nature interpretation centre.
  • Benavente: In ecclesiastical architecture is the Church of Santa Maria of the Quicksilver, San Juan de el Mercado, and the Hospital de La Piedad pilgrims, all of them declared good of cultural interest, as well as the castle of la Mota one of the highest representations of civil architecture along with various stately homes located in the Plaza Mayor.
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