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West route

West route
  • Carbajales: The Fort of San Carlos (recreational-XVIII) asset of Cultural interest, the retable baroque of the Church of San Pedro and the Museum of costume (embroidery Carbajalino) stands out.
  • Alba Castle: Picturesque village, from which you can see the ruins of the Castle Templar of Alba and ready of the SXII.
  • Pine Bridge:Bridge of steel structure. It opened in 1914 on the basis of the project of engineer José Eugenio Ribera. At the time was the highest bridge (90m) and the more light (120m), for its size and for its constructive complexity is considered as one of the important works of engineering more from the beginning of the 20th century in Spain.
  • Miranda Do Douro: Portuguese city in the Arribes del Duero. It highlights the fortress, the Cathedral and the viewpoint. Environmental cruises can be taken from the Jetty.
  • Fariza:Natural viewpoint over the Arribes.
  • Ricobayo: Ideal for nautical activities; River Beach, Jetty and fishing.
  • Campillo: (San Pedro de la Nave). Visigoth church built between the 680 and the 711, moved to its current location between 1930 and 1932. Declared a national monument.
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