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  • Front desk (check-in from 13.00 to 21.00 h.)
  • Service of late check-out (15.00 h.) or late check-out (19.00 h.)
  • Bar - cafeteria with terrace and playground.
  • Lunch and dinner upon reservation, the hotel menu consists of a starter, first 2 to choose or in tasting, 2 seconds to choose or in accompanying tasting, dessert bread and wine. The hotel has own garden and is linked to a herd of cattle which allows us to offer products of high quality.
  • They are pets. (Conditions of this service: only in the rooms for them intended, maximum of 2 dogs at the hotel, you have to have more than one year, they will forever be bound by the facilities, they have to be always accompanied in the rooms). This service includes feeder and drinker in the room, bed and food Affinity.
  • Independent picnic area for groups. Menus based on different types of meat (veal from Aliste), vegetables orchard and good local wine. For groups upon reservation.
  • Loan of books and DVDs.
  • Wireless Internet connection in the rooms and in the Conference Room - library.
  • Rental of conference room, equipped for business meetings and conferences.
  • Cots, bath and changer with bathrobe rental.
  • Information about tourist resources and activities in the area.
  • Guided visits to the mill Museum.
  • Guided visit to ranching of cattle in pastures of 140 acres at the foot of the Sierra de la Culebra (at 15 km from the hotel)
  • Workshops and activities organized by the Centre. You can consult our proposals on the activities calendar.

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